Dog Behaviour Modification

Rectify canine behavioural problems

We work with you to establish the right plan that fits both your and your dog’s needs. 


We locate the core issue of the problem expose the dogs to their triggers to face the issue.


Restore balance and harmony in your and your dog’s life with consistency in your actions.

the core issue

Emotion is the core issue of any behavioural problem. When the reason is recognised, the behaviour modification process can begin and works by eradicating the unhelpful behaviour and replacing it with something new.

Tom sees those troubling behaviours as a challenge and puzzle that needs to be solved in the nicest, most humane and effective way, together with appropriate and achievable management routines.

do you worry around livestock?

Off lead reliability (also known as recall) is the #1 issue that people are contacting us for in Jersey. Dogs that have a strong predatory drive are known for going “off “ or being complete “deaf” to recall and can be a huge danger to themselves, other people and animals. We provide effective and efficient service in addressing canine predation issues, whilst maximising overall control of dogs and responsible ownership.

We work closely with local farmers often using their fields and livestock to address the pray behaviours in real-life situations by using desensitisation and counter-conditioning techniques as well as top quality modern-day equipment.

dog chasing duck
dog behaviour modification jersey
does your dog react badly to others?

Reactivity towards other dogs or humans is another common issue and, due to our experience, we are becoming recognised as one of the tops locally available options to deal with this particular problem. 

By first recognising and assessing the triggers that are causing your dog to react we then tailor a plan for each individual dog and his owner in order to change the dog’s CER (Conditioned Emotional Response) in the presence of the trigger and to change his perception from negative to positive. By using our knowledge, skills and dedication towards the individual case we are fully committed until we get the desired outcome.

the secret?

When it comes to behaviour modification, the key is intensity and consistency of working with the dog and the client alike.

By exposing dogs to their triggers on a daily basis under careful and professional supervision we push the threshold inch by inch every day. If you’re successful in your application, we will be working with you on a daily basis to tackle the problem straight away and restore the balance and harmony in your and your dog’s life. 

We excel where others lack commitment! 

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what's included?

Our usual tailored behaviour modification plan consists of a minimum of 3 to 6 sessions a week depending on the severity of the problem, owners availability as well as their physical abilities.

Ideally working 5 sessions per week (Monday to Friday) we can drastically eradicate the behaviour and perhaps even get rid of it entirely within a few weeks in some cases! 


Ready to book?

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What can I do for you?


Improve the bond with your dog by learning how to communicate directly and clearly, ensuring your dog learns new concepts fast and your dog’s actions are controlled and reliable. (10+ months only) 

Emotions are the core issues of any dog behavioural problem. This package works on finding the root cause and making the necessary behaviour modifications. (10+ months only)

This very popular 1-2-1 service is designed for people who are seriously thinking of getting a dog or have one coming already and require extra help or guidance.

We run a series of educational talks on a regular basis during which we inspire, connect and educate dog owners on the most important issues regarding day to day dog ownership.