How I can help you with your dog.
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We pride ourselves in offering a friendly, professional service and have experience working with all breeds of dogs.


Using education and carefully tailored training methods, our aim is to help owners create confident, well-behaved dogs.


Through proper teaching and communication, we work to develop a strong trust between you and your dog.

What can I do for you?


Improve the bond with your dog by learning how to communicate directly and clearly, ensuring your dog learns new concepts fast and your dog’s actions are controlled and reliable. (10+ months only) 

Emotions are the core issues of any dog behavioural problem. This package works on finding the root cause and making the necessary behaviour modifications. (10+ months only)

This very popular 1-2-1 service is designed for people who are seriously thinking of getting a dog or have one coming already and require extra help or guidance.

We run a series of educational talks on a regular basis during which we inspire, connect and educate dog owners on the most important issues regarding day to day dog ownership.

Ready to book?

To book one of our services or for any general enquiries simply get in touch.