What are the costs involved?

All the prices and descriptions of services listed below are just an example and are subject to change. If your application is successful, a tailored plan will be made along with a full price breakdown proposal after your initial consultation.
Initial consultations cost £100 and include a written report.

dog training jersey
house or garden training

Covers all common issues you may have around your household. (1 hour)

One-to-one training or outdoor walk
£75-£95 Focusing on basic obedience in a real life environment. Can be held with or without owners presence. (1 hour)
Reactivity / Live stock worrying
£85-£150 Outdoor session tackling the main issues diagnosed during the initial assessment. Can be held with or without the owner’s presence. (1 hour)
dog behaviour therapy
Puppy consultations
£85-£150 With this very popular service you’ll get all the best advice from the comfort of your own home! (2 hours)
Follow up reports
£25 During these long, sometimes fast paced sessions, the amount of information to take in can be overwhelming. This popular option brings you a breakdown of all the major drills and skills you, your dog and the trainer were working on that day. Delivered straight to your email within few hours from the session’s end, you can recreate every single step without doubting yourself. It’s also a great way of keeping a record of your progress over time.

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