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Our training sessions include an introduction on heel work, lead walking, recall, stay, wait, paying attention and more.

The 3XD Technique

These behaviours are then reinforced with the 3XD Technique: Distance, Distraction and Duration.

trust & communication

Develop the trust your dog has for you so that you can handle everyday situations effectively and as a team.

step one

Dog training is a broad subject and can be very confusing for the majority of everyday dog owners. Everyone seems to believe they know something about it. 

Your dog walkers, neighbours, grandparents and many others base their ideas on old habits and things they’ve seen on TV programs or the internet, but in reality, the best and only way to train a dog is to understand them first.

step two

With clear, transparent and direct communication techniques we make sure that your dog understands new concepts fast and easy and is learning the correct behaviours while happily participating in our fun and interactive sessions.

Through play and positive interactions, we work to build solid foundations and structure for the future by providing calm and consistent leadership.

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step three

Your dogs good, reliable and controlled actions are only achieved by a consistent, systematic daily approach where safety and trust in you as a leader have to become no1 criteria for your dog.

Without faith and trust that you can handle everyday situations and provide them with a daily portion of mental and physical stimulation, your dog will quickly develop unwanted and troubling behaviours.


what's included?

Our dog training/obedience sessions include an introduction to heel work/loose lead walking, recall, stay, wait, impulse control, ‘watch me’ ( paying attention ) and more.

Depending on your dogs level of obedience we then reinforce those behaviours by using 3XD technique (Distance, Distraction, Duration) and steadily increase the difficulty of tasks by choosing more challenging environments, longer times of patient holds of the positions or higher distractions.

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What can I do for you?


Improve the bond with your dog by learning how to communicate directly and clearly, ensuring your dog learns new concepts fast and your dog’s actions are controlled and reliable. (10+ months only) 

Emotions are the core issues of any dog behavioural problem. This package works on finding the root cause and making the necessary behaviour modifications. (10+ months only)

This very popular 1-2-1 service is designed for people who are seriously thinking of getting a dog or have one coming already and require extra help or guidance.

We run a series of educational talks on a regular basis during which we inspire, connect and educate dog owners on the most important issues regarding day to day dog ownership.