How I got to where I am today
for the love of dogs

Tom has always had a unique gift when it comes to communicating with animals. From a very young age, he would bring home just about any living creature that he could find outdoors, but his true love was always dogs and the interaction with them.

Passion to train and care for them quickly turned into a life long mission of trying to understand and learn absolutely everything there is about how dogs learn and operate and why do they behave the way they do.

After many years of working for “free” with clients and hesitating whether or not to go down that career path he finally decided to pursue his dream as a dog trainer  and in  December 2019 EDT was born.

inspiration from all places

Tom’s natural abilities  and communication skills mean that he finds training dogs and humans alike extremely pleasant, fun and rewarding.

He takes keen interest and participates in many dog sports and activities like agility, flyball and tracking as well as personal protection training.

Over the years he has developed a “soft spot” for Large breeds like German Shepherds, Boxers, Dobermans, Vizslas or Labradors that other trainers on the Island see as difficult, problematic or simply too powerful to handle.

His vast amount of knowledge gained over the years means that he always delivers excellent service, advice and expertise to his clients. 

He uses and incorporates his many years of martial arts experience into the dog training world. His fitness, stamina and agility help with keeping up with his doggie clients during those intense, active outdoor sessions.

Excellent hand to eye coordination combined with lightning reflexes are used for timing and marking while teaching new concepts and behaviours or fair, loving, light corrections.

my beautful girls

Discipline, punctuality and respect towards the dog and his owners make Tom a very sought after professional in Jersey’s dog training industry.

Tom’s beautiful Border Collie girls Jess & Dotty are his biggest credentials. Extremely well trained and obedient, they are often helping him out with training his four-legged clients.

the training process

One of my favourite quotes that I work by is  “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and learn” Benjamin Franklyn.

My mission is to educate my clients on the importance of being involved in the process of training and raising their dogs and taking full responsibility for their behaviours and actions. 

Our ethical and moral obligation is to help promote the welfare of your dog and other nearby animals. Respect towards the island’s nature and people is, by principle, our main value.

“Your dog is your responsibility!!” we are dog professionals, not magicians, our job is to teach, demonstrate and guide you through the process and do it WITH YOU not FOR YOU.

Ready to book?

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What can I do for you?


Improve the bond with your dog by learning how to communicate directly and clearly, ensuring your dog learns new concepts fast and your dog’s actions are controlled and reliable. (10+ months only) 

Emotions are the core issues of any dog behavioural problem. This package works on finding the root cause and making the necessary behaviour modifications. (10+ months only)

This very popular 1-2-1 service is designed for people who are seriously thinking of getting a dog or have one coming already and require extra help or guidance.

We run a series of educational talks on a regular basis during which we inspire, connect and educate dog owners on the most important issues regarding day to day dog ownership.