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PROTECTION DOGS WORLDWIDE is the UK’s biggest & most world renowned company for training family and personal protection dogs.

Being a family run business, both the owners and trainers take huge pride in the work they do, making sure that high level of obedience, discipline as well as proper nutrition and care is maintained on a daily basis.

Extremely well trained & socialised from the very young age, these dogs are emotionally balanced and stable which allows them to switch between affectionate family pet and personal protection bodyguard if any threat arises.

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How we work with them?

We work closely with PDW acting as their agent, providing help, guidance and ongoing training for new clients and their dogs here in the Channel Islands (Jersey & Guernsey).

We travel frequently to the UK to train with the PDW team in their state of the art facilities in North East England.

We will assist you every step of the way. From helping you chose the right breed/dog, to bringing the dog over alongside the PDW team.

We will be present during the handover and if requested will provide the ongoing training on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis, allowing you and your dog to settle in to the new routine and life together.

For more information on the process please get in touch with TOM via our Contact Form.

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