My Dog Nutrition

Your dog's health is our mission

My Dog Nutrition is a market leading UK company that manufactures and supplies top quality supplements for dogs all around the world!

Collectively designed by professional trainers and breeders, MDN supplements deliver the daily portion of extra vitamins and minerals that are vital for your dog’s proper digestion and mobility.

Our products were developed specifically to provide your dog with a good balance of nutrients in order to support their overall health.

Being GMO free and 100% organic makes our products the No.1 choice for owners that want all that’s best for their dogs.

For more informations on the full range of our products please go to our website by clicking the link below.

How we work with them?

We are the main agent and distributor of “MY DOG NUTRITION” products with the exclusivity for the Channel Islands.

As dog trainers and owners ourselves we want nothing but the best for our own dogs when it comes to health and diet.

We believe in MDN passion and ethos when it comes to dog nutrition and are incorporating their product into our dogs daily meal routines and seeing remarkable results.

You can purchase it directly from our office at St John (collection £27.99 or delivery £29.99) by simply using our Booking Form.

For quantities over 10 tubs please Contact Us directly to arrange a discount.

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Learn more about My Dog Nutrition by visiting their website.